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The loss of a child represents the most profound grief a mother can endure, and it's equally distressing when parents cannot afford basic funeral arrangements for their little one.

Wilcox Little Angels, located in Miramar, Florida, steps in with compassionate assistance for grieving parents facing the loss of an infant. Here’s how they make a difference:

By providing financial support for funeral arrangements, Wilcox Little Angels ensures that grieving parents can give their child a dignified farewell, easing the burden during such a devastating time.

Coping with the loss of a child is an emotional journey, and Wilcox Little Angels is there every step of the way. In addition to financial assistance, they offer grief materials and connect families with professional grief counseling, providing comfort and guidance throughout this painful process.

To honor the memory of their little angels, bereaved families come together at memorial gatherings organized by the organization.

These events allow parents to walk side by side, sharing their grief and raising funds to support future families facing similar challenges.

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Wilcox Little Angels embodies compassion, empathy, and solidarity. 

Their work not only eases immediate burdens but also creates asupportive community for those who have experienced unimaginable loss

Wilcox Little Angels relies on generous donations from the community and grants to offer its programs.

Your generosity can change someone’s life. Please donate now and make a positive impact.

Wilcox Little Angels

Wilcox Little Angels